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Help us save our cities before it’s too late.

The pressure is building to find a way to ensure cities are healthier and happier places to live and we believe movement is at the heart of this.

Beginning in our home city of London, we are launching our Campaign for Movement to drive change.

Join us and help us take a stand.  




Focus on one of the world's healthiest cities: Copenhagen

Exercise is a way of life across Scandinavia - and Copenhagen is a prime example of an urban environment that fights for what it believes in and promotes a more active form of transport.

Read more about the result of generations of political commitment here.

A man riding a bike in Copenhagen

Be Part of the Solution


Take Action

Ask your local policymaker what they're doing to put movement at the heart of healthier, happier cities. Your voice has power, so use it!

Write a letter to your policymaker here.

Cyclists promoting Campaign for Movement with posters

Get Moving

Cycling and walking is the obvious choice for short journeys, but people often use a car.

Imagine the impact we could have if we all committed to making those trips by bike or foot?

Read more here.

A closeup of a person on a Brompton with yellow graphic text "Get Moving"



Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO, Brompton Bicycle

Our cities are killing us. Not only have we completely lost touch with our surroundings; our urban lifestyles are actually damaging our health and the environment. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve spoken to some of the world’s leading urban experts to explore how clever city planning combined with appropriate investment can impact our environments.

Let's work together and become a force for change.

Read Will's words on Campaign for Movement here.

A portrait image of Will Butler-Adams, Brompton CEO


Keep checking back in - this is only the start of the journey.


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