Can you see your homeland with new eyes? Re-experience the place of your childhood? The scenery that has been so taken for granted for so long? As outdoor photographers, Leo (@theolator) and Lennart (@lennart) have travelled all over the world, "but not yet our home, the north of Germany" says Lennart. The two are part of the largest (and most successful) outdoor photographer collective in Europe - the German Roamers. Together they have a considerable number of followers on Instagram.


After they’ve explored the ice in Greenland and the desert in Arizona, the idea matured to "explore the old familiar, to show each other home."

birds eye view of german roamers with bear grylls brompton bikes

Lennart comes from Berensch, a small village near Cuxhaven, Leo from Eckernförde, the sandy beach town on the Baltic Sea, both now live in the city of Cologne.

"The question was: Is there anything left to discover? Can we take a different look at the familiar?"

german roamers with bear grylls brompton bikes in the sea
german roamers cycling in a line through field on brompton bear grylls collab bikes german roamers stood in front of house with brompton x bear grylls bike

Watch the video and see how the guys go "beyond the old familiar" with the new Brompton x Bear Grylls C Line Explore Edition.

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