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Brompton Knowledge | Touch-up Paint

Brompton Knowledge | Touch-up Paint

Information on how to find a similar colour paint for your Brompton.

Information on how to find a similar colour paint for your Brompton.


The list of colours per model year and its colour code can be found here.

The factory-applied finish, is a powder-coat, applied electrostatically, so cannot be recreated in a bicycle workshop or at home, but touch-up paints, carefully applied, serve well to aesthetically improve the frame and guard against corrosion.

Currently, Brompton does not supply touch-up paint due to restrictions on shipping. However, below is further information on how to find a similar colour paint for your Brompton.

Firstly, in order to find the colour of your bike, you will have to identify its model year which can be done by checking the serial number of your bike. The first two digits represent the year of manufacture while the 3rd and 4th digits represent the month of manufacture.

For instance, the bike with serial number 1903220161 was manufactured in March 2019.

Further information about how to find the frame and the serial number of your Brompton can be found here.

The colour code will be given in RAL or Pantone. Pantone is a standardized colour matching system, utilising the Pantone numbering system for identifying colours. Similarly, RAL is a European colour matching system that defines colours for paint.

This liquid paint can be bought from hardware stores and craft and hobby stores. 

Brompton strongly advises testing the paint on another surface like a metal can before attempting to touch up your Brompton.

Let it dry and ensure that you are completely happy with the colour before proceeding with any application to your Brompton.

If you are in any doubt, please consult a professional business providing bike respray and frame renovation services. (Most bike sprayers use liquid paints with different paint codes. )

Please be aware that it is unlikely that the colour will match exactly.

Variations between the original and new paint can occur for several reasons including but not limited to excessive sunlight, normal wear and tear to the original paint, strong chemical cleaners or solvents as well as the paint type and application method.


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