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How To Choose The Correct Brompton For You

A video to help you choose the correct model, seatpost and handlebar type

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Versatility Of The Brompton Bike

VIDEO - A video showcasing the versatility of the Brompton bike

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How Do I Know Which Size Bike I Need?

ARTICLE - Although all Brompton frames are the same size, there are different components that tailor the fit for each rider: seatpost and handlebar type.

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What Is The Recommended Maximum Load?

ARTICLE - We recommend that the weight of the rider, combined with any luggage should not exceed more than 110kgs (242 lbs, 17 stone)

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How Does Suspension Work On A Brompton?

ARTICLE - A Brompton’s suspension is provided by a polyurethane block between the main and rear frames.

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What Are The Gearing, Lighting Options and Tyre Choices?

ARTICLE - Remember to refer to spec sheets for full specs of each line.

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What Are The Folded Dimensions Of A Brompton?

ARTICLE - The dimensions of a Brompton when folded are 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 22.2" x 10.6").

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What Is The Lightest Brompton?

ARTICLE - The T Line One is our lightest Brompton

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What Is The Maximum/Minimum Rider Height?

ARTICLE - We offer three different seat post options, for riders ranging from 140cm to 203cm (4’7 to 6’8).

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What Are The Benefits Of Small Wheels

ARTICLE - Small wheels offer superior acceleration and lose less speed to wind resistance.

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