David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton down a track David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton down a track

Special Editions

Limited editions, special releases and collaborations with like-minded people. Discovering new ways to see, feel and experience the Brompton bike.

Brompton x CHPT3

It's been five years since the collaboration began, yet it feels like the story is just beginning. This is Brompton x CHPT3, the fourth chapter.
David Millar riding a CHPT3 Brompton folding bike

Barbour x Brompton

The special edition C Line Explore bike, spec'd for adventure.
Two people wearing the Barbour x Brompton collection on special edition Barbour x Brompton bikes

Brompton Gold Edition

Celebrating 20 years of Brompton in Asia.
Gold edition bike folded

Lion City Bike

Brompton Lion City Bike in front of cityscape

The Brompton Fold

Invented by our founder, Andrew Ritchie, in 1975, expertly engineered to transform the bike into a small, locked package a little larger than its wheels - all in under 20-seconds. Nothing folds like a Brompton folds.

Not like other bikes

Bromptons are made different. We engineer an efficient solution for moving around the city and beyond. Ours is a bike that does more than the obvious, it answers problems owners say they didn't know they had. 'You don't get a Brompton until you get a Brompton.'

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