Big adventures from small apartments. For Lucy Bohr, the new Brompton x Bear Grylls bike fits perfectly into her outdoor lifestyle (and compact flat).

“It’s ideal for my life in the city,” the 28-year-old Berlin creative tells us. “Living in a small home, I don’t need to find loads of space to store it. And living in a big city, it’s important for me to escape the concrete occasionally. Public transport can only get you so far. That’s why the Brompton BG is perfect for me – it’s super convenient to take on a train and helps me explore even more nature.”
Lucy Bohr in her Berlin apartment

Woodland walks, lakeside lounging, and even houseboat hangouts are some of the recent "escapes" that fashion blogger Lucy has found herself on lately. Not without turning a few heads in the process, though.

“One of my friends is a total bike nerd, and when we rode together, he absolutely fell in love with the Brompton BG. Plenty of other friends were desperate to ride it, too – especially when they saw how fast it could go.”

Content creator Lucy Bohr riding the Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike

Lucy’s adventures prove that life in the city doesn’t have to mean a 24/7 of tarmac and traffic. Sure, you might see her enjoying the artsy vibes, local treasures, and very bike-friendly roads of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, or diving into the independent shops of the city centre’s Mitte district.

But even a quick peek at her nature-packed Instagram posts – and these photos from her Brompton-powered late-summer trip to Müggelsee lake – prove that a weekend adventure into nature is never out of reach. Especially when two wheels are involved.

An image of Lucy Bohr's bickpacking trip with the Brompton x Bear Grylls luggage

“I’ve already taken my Brompton on a bunch of mini escapes,” she says. “I took a car share to the woods to walk my dog, and the bike fitted perfectly into the car’s boot. Another time, I rode out to visit a friend and caught the subway home because I didn’t fancy cycling after dark. In fact, I’ve used it so much that I’ve got my folding routine down to just a few minutes.”

Inspired by Lucy’s adventures? Read on to dive into her city’s best bikeable wild swimming spots…


1. Stralauer Spitze

“This is the top island in Friedrichshain in the east of Berlin, and near where I live. The water is really clean and calm, and people love to dock their houseboats here; I actually stayed on one with some friends recently. We went swimming after a sauna at night and before breakfast in the morning.”


2. Müggelsee

“I absolutely love to visit Müggelsee in autumn, especially in October when the leaves turn golden. There are two lakes to choose from, both surrounded by the most beautiful forest. It’s easy to find your own private bay to lie down in – naked, if that’s your thing!”


3. Plötzensee

“This cute lake is right in the heart of Berlin and the chaos of the city. It’s not just a pretty face, though – it’s got a cool history. Back in the days of the German Democratic Republic, people would sneak down here for secret swims. Now it’s all about fun, picnics, good times, and even mini raves – probably why Berliners either love it or hate it! If you’re coming down, take my advice: don’t forget the sunscreen.”


4&5. Krumme Lanke & Schlachtensee

“I’m not cheating by combining these two lakes as one – they’re the twin lakes of Berlin. With blue waters surrounded by calming woodlands, CNN even named them as one of the world’s best swimming spots. I love it here, and cycling through the woods for a beautiful swim is the best feeling. Grab your swimming gear, grab your friends, and go have fun on the water.”

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